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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Tessa Virtue, Scott Moir Free Dance at the 2017 World Championships

2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony: When, Where And How To Watch The ...

The Winter Olympics

   I read the title of an article recently and it was an article including a list of reasons why we should watch the Olympics. I didn't read the article yet but I've been thinking about the title for days.
   Tonight my parents were watching figure skating and I was able to catch a few routines in the process. Usually I don't watch the men's figure skating. I primarily focus on the women's figure skating and couples routines but tonight I watched the men's figure skating.
   I started thinking to myself about how we really should watch the Olympics when we have the chance. The reason being the athletes practice and practice and practice for sometimes a lifetime. When we watch the Olympics we get a glimpse of what a lifetime of hard work and dedication looks like in a few minutes.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Fluffy Pillow

When I look at you I get a view of the past.
Parts of it I want to let go of and other parts I want to keep and build upon.
Like the foundation for a house in the process of making a home you're my bedrock.
When I look at you I see a thousand mistakes that shed like colorful leaves in due season.
A thousand lessons planted like a seed, rooted in love, growing into a strong tree, given like a gift from fruit of old.
When I look at you I see the way we were born to be vulnerable and brand new to everything and everyone we have ever known.
When I look at you I understand how to move forward with what we have and what we are in every moment.
When I run with you I feel the air on my face like cold water, clean and looking up to the sunlight.
When I hold you I feel like the weight of the world is like a feather dropping down from the sky light like the fluff of a cloud.
When I love you I am.

Suzie Sateri

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Dr. Gray

A little while back, my car window was shattered in the Disneyland theme park parking lot. A girl walking next to me immediately called security when we noticed glass all over the floor and I told her it was my car. The glass was shattered into my car and all over the car seat of my child. The car next to me had their window broken too but the glass from their car was on the ground so it looked like someone kicked the window out from the inside.

Security, the police, and a forensics team were called. I was told I'd be fully compensated and the people/person responsible would be arrested and held responsible. It was also determined that the arrest and charging of the person/s responsible was not up to me, it would happen whether or not I chose to.

From the car, my wallet was taken, containing my health insurance cards as well as the health insurance cards of my children, my check book and a few other cards/items that I can't think of off of the top of my head.

This incident has taught me a few things. It has taught me a group of caring citizens is all that is required for making the world a better place. When we put our heads together for a good cause, things can change and global progress can be made.

For a writer, creator, author or inventor, the most difficult part of the process is perhaps, success. The reason being when a writer creates a character, perhaps from inspiration of someone being funny, trying to create laughter and joy, or wanting to share a voice that makes you laugh, when that character is brought to life because of an actor/actress or whatever the case may be, it is disturbing. It puts the creative process on the back burner because the writer/creator is aware of this life that they wrote or created as fiction. It is similar to having the passenger side of your car window shattered at Disneyland.

I wonder if that is how people feel when I post music videos on this blog. I don't ask them for permission to do so.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Dear Momma, Moon of Mine


She is someone, who, to me, has light like the moon. I'd compare her love to that of the sun if the sun weren't like the love of God. I see her, in all of these different perspectives, like pieces of the moon throughout it's monthly cycle and she shines so bright for us. Loving my significant other as if it were hers, guiding me when life gets dark. Sometimes I'm not even looking for her as she appears before me and I stand in awe of her beauty. I talk to her like she is the moon sometimes because she is that strong then I am sorrowful when she turns into a sliver. Nothing can take away her shine. She was just created like that. I've landed among the stars and none ever shone as bright as she. They always lead me back to her. So, love like the moon I give to thee.


Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Grace VanderWaal - Beautiful Thing (Lyric)